Everest Summit 2002

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Team

Our team consists of six climbers with WRET (World Records Expeditions and Treks, based in Kathmandu).

The climbers are Bill Fisher (from California), Julio Bird (Wisconsin/Puerto Rico), and Hoshino Kohei (from Japan) and our Sherpa are Lhakpa Gelu (17-18 summits), Lopsang (2 summits) and Geljen (1 summit). Lhakpa Gelu is also well known for his record speed in ascending Everest, thus the company name.

I summited via the South Col in 2002 with Lhakpa Gelu. In 2007 we attempted to summit via the North side with Lhakpa's older brother, Lama Jangbu. We had to turn around at the Second Step due to depleted O2 stores, a logistical issue we intend to correct for this go-around. During our first attempt two of our climbers, Lopsang and Con Severis, succeeded.

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