Everest Summit 2002

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Advanced Base Camp

The team made it to ABC two days ago and has been confronting logistic problems ever since. A card needed to use the Internet was the wrong one and the generator to power the equipment is not working. They depend on using other teams’ satellite phones to call home. Their air time is limited since they have to pay high premiums to use those phones. Lhakpa Gelu is working very hard to take care of the problems within the next few days. Julio mentioned last night that this year there are at least half of the teams climbing that there were in 2007. He called from a satellite phone belonging to a team of Spaniards that have already made it to the North Col (Camp 1) and back. The weather is sunny and clear with occasional winds. They have decided to move on to Camp 1 in a couple of days. Julio’s altimeter marked an altitude of 20,300 feet where they are. He continues to send GPS signals but I have not received them. If and when I do I will be happy to share them. The team is feeling strong and ready to climb.


  1. Julio and the team:

    ...we are all praying so the Lord will grant your wish of reaching the summit and takes care of all of you along the way. Godspeed to you all! The Lord is with you!

    Luis Pico (Ricardo's uncle)

  2. Hi Maribel! I didn't know Julio had a blog! Excellent. What a fabulous photo!

  3. Querido Juli, estoy rezando... Cariños, tu prima, Ana Marta

  4. Julio:

    We are following your journey day by day. With each step you take you are closer to making your dream come true. We are very proud of you, and praying each day so that you and the team make it up the mountain and come back home safely.

    Elba, Angel and John