Everest Summit 2002

Monday, April 26, 2010


Julio called early this morning to make sure I did not hear about the avalanche and panic. Apparently they decided to move down to BC and were safe when the avalanche occurred. He said it was rare for the avalanche to happen where it did, but nothing is unthinkable in Everest. Unfortunately one climber died and two others are missing. For more information you could go to the Alan Arnette web-site.
Julio and Bill are now at BC and plan to remain there for a few days. They would like to eat well, recover their energy, get stronger and try to climb again. Going back to BC is not unusual as many teams plan a trip to BC during the acclimatization process and before their final summit bid.
Julio was coughing a lot but assured me he was fine. He is determined to try again. He is eager to read your posts, and better yet, give you his first-hand accounts. Best regards to all.


  1. Thanks for the update, Maribel. Julio, stop coughing (like I should talk). Sounds like you guys are making the best decision to go back to BC and get strong. Bad weather now doesn't mean bad weather later - plenty of time to climb that beautiful monster!

  2. So glad that you're all ok. Take care of that cough Dr. Bird. We miss you here at GL and are looking forward to all yours or Maribel's updates. Stay safe. Lisa

  3. I too am glad that you are all ok. Rest up and keep "reaching for the sky"!!!! We think of you every day!! Take good care- Jeni

  4. Hey, Julio, I hear you made the summit. That's awesome, great job. Congratulations. Looking foward to hearing about it and seeing the pictures.
    Raj Sundaram