Everest Summit 2002

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Arrived at Tibet

Julio called last night (April 7) to let us know the team has reached the Tibet-Nepal border. They spent a night in Zhangmu after crossing the Chinese immigration post. There were no major obstacles crossing into Tibet except Hoshino Kohei (the Japanese climber) took some pictures but he was not allowed. The soldiers made him delete the pictures.
Julio was sorprised by the amount of work they have done on the roads to Nyalam during the last three years. The new road made for a much faster and less tedious journey.
After spending two days in the town of Nyalam (which sits at 12,300 ft. above sea level) they will be going to Tingri (or Dhingri) where they will continue the acclimatization process. Tingri sits at 14,107 ft. above sea level and it is the place where many climbers spend time getting ready to ascend Mount Everest. The team expects to begin climbing on April 12 after spending 2 nights each in Nyalam and Tingri. Hopefully he will be able to update us as the team continues to approach Base Camp.



  1. Maribel, que bueno que estamos recibiendo información de su trayectoria, que pena con la cámara de Hoshino, se quedó sin camara?, Bueno lo importante es que estén bien, Mis saludos a Julio y su equipo.


  2. JJB,

    Glad to know the ascent is going well so far. Did you find me a dermatologist yet?


  3. It's fun to read the updates! You never cease to amaze me with your ambition. We are thinking of you here is peds cardiology, and wish you all the best as you prepare for your climb. Keep us posted! Andrea