Everest Summit 2002

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on location

Julio did not call last night but sent a GPS message. I am assuming they are climbing to Camp 1 or they are already there. Thanks for your comments and encouragement; he appreciates them.

Click below for new location.
We are here.


  1. Saludos Julio y equipo, saludos además a los seguidores en apoyo al -Team- vayan a ver los videos en -You Tube-, están impresionantes. Nuestros mejores deseos para el -Team- Fuerza, valor y voluntad, con la ayuda de Dios y los Santos Angeles de cada uno y el Santo Angel de la montaña.

    Un abrazo

    Vin y Laly

  2. Dr Bird- Hope everything is going as planned and that you're on schedule. I bet it's cold there? The weather has been nice here. We look forward to your updates and your GPS locator. We wish you and your group continued success on your journey to "THE TOP". Take good care.
    Jeni & Therese