Everest Summit 2002

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaving Base Camp

The guys are packing and loading the yaks for their trip to ABC. They are still waiting for the lama that will come to celebrate puja with them. Puja is the ritual that takes place before climbing to make sure Chomolungma (mother goddess of the earth) will allow them to proceed safely. Part of the ceremony involves ashes, offerings, drinking, and chanting.
They are all feeling better and getting excited about the climb. According to Julio, temperatures have dropped and they are feeling the harsh cold. Nevertheless,they have an incredible view of the massive mountain that is Everest, and they are looking forward to their journey. They are planning on spending the night at a camp 4-6 hours away from BC. From there they will leave for ABC, where they should spend four days before starting to climb to Camp 1.
Their satellite phone is still not working, so our conversations are rather short. This time, however, I manage to ask a few more questions. He was also able to give me the link to track them on the mountain. Those of you that like gadgets and electronics will appreciate the marvel of seeing exactly where he is. Check out the satellite view and the videos! It really is like being there.


From Julio directly:

Julio's SPOT
GPS location Date/Time:04/15/2010 01:14:03 CDT

Click the link below to see where I am located.
I am here.

Message:Hi, how is everybody? Things are going very well here on Everest. Julio


  1. Hey Dr. Bird -
    Jeni and I love your GPS thing! Almost can see you! Try a brighter jacket and wave!! Enjoy the rest of your climb...we'll be watching.
    Jeni and Lisa

  2. from Jim Baumgaertner:
    Julio, I am writing this from a Caribbean beach in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. I suspect the UV index is similar to a sunny day in Tibet. Keep your skin protected.
    Did your expedition have any repercussions from the earthquake that hit Tibet a couple days ago? Apparently many homes were destroyed and 400 people killed.
    Take care and remember one step at a time.
    Jim Baumgaertner

  3. Julio

    Gracias por toda la información que está bajando. Es interesante ver los animales con todo el equipo, es una ayuda valiosa para ustedes. Cuidense mucho y mantengánse alertas sobre el tiempo. Que tengan un bonito díá.

    Laly y Vin

  4. Julio, Pleasant spring day today. Opening fishing in 12 days. Don't expect you'll be in a position to do any casting for awhile. Take care. Hope you get your problems solved. Wayne