Everest Summit 2002

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two days left at BC

The weather has improved and climbers are starting to move up the mountain. Julio is getting ready to climb again in a couple of days. He called last night and the first thing he asked was whether our new grandbaby was a girl or a boy. He was pleased to find out there will be a Julio V. Now he will have two boys with whom to share his hobbies.
He is happy they have the satellite phone and correct sim card. However, it does not look like they will be able to access the blog, so I will continue to update it as I receive the reports. Julio will be able to read your comments and continue to bring you updates once he is back in Katmandu.
I finally remembered to ask Julio if they felt the earthquake that recently occurred in Tibet. He said they found out about it after the fact. I wondered if it had anything to do with the avalanche, but he did not think that was the case. More people than originally reported were injured, but nothing serious. He was sorry to hear one of the Hungarian climbers he had met before was missing. He promised he will be very careful as he has always been.


  1. Hey Dr. Bird- Glad to hear the weather is improving so that you can continue on with your journey. I know that you will be safe as you make your way to "the TOP". You will have an extra guardian angel to watch over you (Dr. Palm-Leis) as he is watching over all of us here as well. Take care!! Jeni

  2. I totally support Jeni's comment and hope you can get up the summit soon.