Everest Summit 2002

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting Jordan Romero's camp

Julio called last night from Jordan Romero’s camp. They were at ABC. He sounded a little hoarse but otherwise feeling fine. They had been to camp 1 with intentions of spending the night, but the winds did not allow it. If the winds subside, they plan to give it another try and spend the night at camp 1. If not, they are going back to BC until the weather is better. The picture above will give you an idea why the wind is a factor when spending the night or setting up camp.
He mentioned that they were expecting to have their phone within the next two days, so he will be able to update the blog and read your comments. The phone signal last night was weak; our conversation was brief. After a few minutes of inquiring about kids, grandchildren, and some of his friends, he passed the phone to Jordan so I could say hello to him. He seemed excited that people are following his blog. From what I can tell, Julio is able to call every two or three days.



  1. Wow Dr. Bird, that is truly beautiful! Sending positive energy and endurance your way.
    Rita Jordi

  2. Julio...glad to hear that you decided to wait out the weather...stay smart! I am enjoying the following of your blogs and can't wait to see you back to hear some personal stories firsthand. Keep climbing strong, and let Ants be an inspiration for you.