Everest Summit 2002

Friday, April 23, 2010

A tough call

The conversation with Julio last night was not easy. He was extremely saddened by the news that his good friend, Ants, had passed away that afternoon. I tried to contact Julio the previous day by emailing other north-bound teams, but he did not get the message- probably because they were on their way to the North Col and did not have a phone. Saying goodbye, though, would have been very difficult for Julio. We did not speak as much about the journey as we did about Ants.

The team is back at ABC and will leave for the North Col again in two days. They are still waiting for the card that will allow them to use their satellite phone. Meanwhile, Julio is still depending on the good will of the Spaniards’ team who lend him their phone. Hoshino Kohei had severe dental issues and has left for home. His Sherpa is also gone. Julio will try to call before they leave for Camp 1.


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