Everest Summit 2002

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Weather on the Mountain

The weather forecast for the week is discouraging. The team is at BC and they plan to stay there until the weather allows them to climb again. Julio and Bill are resting and feeling stronger already. I could tell Julio is feeling better because his cough has subsided; we could carry on a conversation. They will continue to train while they wait for the opportunity to climb. According to Julio, they are ready and will seize the first opportunity to make their final bid to the top.
On a cheerful note, they finally got their sim card and have their own telephone. They are free to use the phone without paying other teams or forming a queue. I forgot to ask about the generator, but I assume it should be fixed soon.
Julio still did not know the names of the climbers involved in the accident on the mountain. They were trying to find out. Two Hungarians that Julio met in 2007 are trying to climb again this year but Julio had not been able to get in contact with them. He is hoping they are fine.



  1. Hola Juli:
    Aunque no escribo todos los dias tu nos conoces y sabes que estamos pendientes de todas tus noticias. Ahora estoy recibiendo noticias de Everest a traves de 4 blogs. Espero que el tiempo mejore y puedan seguir adelante con su empresa. Mientras tanto, no se muevan del Base Camp. A ti no te arredra nada pero las experiencias pasadas han demostrado que tienes una gran dosis de sensatez. Eso nos tranquiliza. Cuidate mucho y que Dios te bendiga, asi como a todos los demas. Estamos rezando mucho para que Dios los ayude y los proteja. Te queremos mucho. Tus padres.

  2. Dr. Bird... Still reading the blogs & thinking of you & Bill & what a beautiful place you must be seeing! What an incredible site... I'm sure! Please stay safe & be wise! Hopefully, the weather will get better there for you to get to ABC again. Take LOTS of pictures! We (GL-Cardiology) are all fine here. Stay strong! Vaya con Dios! Elizabeth Niedfeldt

  3. Get your rest...hopefully the weather will clear soon. I had the pleasure to talk to Maribel Monday at Ant's visitation, and she updated me on your safety despite the avalanche. I'm starting a new list to blog to you about for some cheap entertainment and laughs. From now on, I will start each blog with it. It is titled "YOU MIGHT BE A MOUNTAIN CLIMBER IF"......You own a $75 dress suit and a $1000 Gore-Tex suit. Take care and be safe!

  4. Sadly, the missing climber is Konyi, the Hunagrian climber we shared BC and ABC with in 2007.