Everest Summit 2002

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad Weather Continues

Unrelenting weather conditions are threatening summit bid plans and time lines. Some climbers have been forced to leave ABC for BC due to losing their tents and other personal belongings to strong winds. Weather forecasts are predicting a short window perhaps between the 17 and 19 with a longer window appearing after the 23rd. On top of the weather or because of it, the fixed ropes are not in place yet above Camp 3.

Julio and other climbers like him find themselves trying to decide if they should stay at ABC and hope for the short window or go down to BC, renew their energy, and go up again later. He is considering whether to take a chance or wait. They all want to come home soon but do not want to have regrets, and they will, if they miss real good weather by a few days. In my opinion without fixed ropes, low temperatures, and windy conditions-the short window seems a precarious option.



  1. If you have the time, I would wait for the safer option with the perphaps longer good weather window. However, easy for me to say as I sit here in a comfortable climate at my desk in a soft cushioned seat. No matter what...safey first. Joke of the day...as said by a fellow comedian: "I just finished this book on climbing Mt. Everest. Now I'm no mountain climber, but I smoke and I live on the third floor, so I can kind of relate. Everest is a lot like laundry day."

  2. I vote for you take the fastest journey down that mountain and get back to work! Just kidding... obviously you will make the right decision, no matter what it is. We are all here behind you and cringe when reading about the winds and the dangers you're faced with. My thoughts are also with Maribel as she must be on pins and needles each time that call comes in from Everest. Be safe. Lisa