Everest Summit 2002

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Julio’s 60th Birthday!

Not surprisingly, Julio did not tell anyone it was his birthday today. He spent the day reading and resting. He is excited about a book he is reading called The Spanish Civil War by Antony Beevor. Julio sends best wishes to all the mothers so dear to him, especially his mom Aida, his sisters Lilian and Aida, daughter Denise, daughter-in-law Heidi, and my mom and sisters. He wished us all a very happy and special day.

Julio had found out about the weather and what to expect for the next few days. The winds are already threatening to blow away tents at ABC. He thinks the wind makes it more difficult to move but it is the sub-zero temperatures that hurt them. Just taking the glove off to take a picture or send a spot message can cause serious frost bite. His cough has returned but he is feeling fine otherwise. For now they are planning a departure day (for the summit) not later than the 14th. According to him they may only have one shot at the summit since bad weather will be moving in again.


  1. Happy Birthday Julio! No Way 60?! Sounds like a big week! You are in my prayers for a safe summit. Sherri Burg

  2. Hola Julio...Feliz cumpleaños 60.

    Espero que los vientos de tu expedición sean del agrado de Everest y te deje subir a su cima.....
    Si tienes tiempo en algún momento antes o luego de tu "summit push" déjame saber para entonces poder escribir un artículo sobre tu segundo Everest climb....take care,

    Ian Malinow

    Hi Julio,

    My name is Ian Malinow, the Features Editor of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun, the only daily English newspaper on the island. In 2002, I interviewed you for an article published in The San Juan Star after you became the first and only Puerto Rican to climb Mt. Everest. I'm interested in writing an other piece on your present Everest summit push....

    Good luck, and hope there's a break in the weather so you can summit Chomolungma once again..

    Ian Malinow

  3. Julio, miss you, hope you had a great b day. Love the pics. Hurry home to all of us. Jo

  4. Hey Dr. Bird-
    We miss you and hope you had a great 60th birthday! I'll have a belated pan of scotcharoos waiting for you when you get back to the clinic. The weather here has been "cold" for May, (ok not as cold as where you are!!) but not the warm April weather we were teased with.
    Continue to take care of yourself and keep reaching for the top!!
    Jeni & Therese