Everest Summit 2002

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Plan

This is my version of the Northeast Ridge route. The rectangles mark what is supposed to be the North Col-Camp 1, Camp 2, and Camp 3; and the dots mark the First Step and the Second Step. The route seems pretty straight forward until you google some images of the Second Step which in the picture above is a very small bump just before the last wall to reach the summit.

Julio and the Sherpas are leaving today (the 13th for us/14th for them) for the North Col. They plan on spending the night there. Tomorrow night (morning for them) they will leave for camp 2 and spend the night there. From there, they will assess the situation and proceed to camp 3 or turn around. If they continue, they expect to reach the summit on the 17th (the 16th for us). He promised he will be careful and proceed only if it is relatively safe. Lhapka Gelu is not worried about the lines not having been fixed yet. He is more concerned about the heavy traffic up and down the mountain after the 22nd. Many large teams are waiting at BC for the longer weather window.

Julio is hoping to send a satellite signal from every camp as he moves up. More than anything he is hoping the weather will cooperate.


  1. I have been reading this blog as a friend of Bill Fisher's and now Julio by zero degrees of separation. I love this adventure and the guts these climbers demonstrate. I was wondering if Bill is with Julio on this phase because Bill's blog does not update as frequently. My best and total support for all the climbers and thanks for keeping the blogs active. Go for it, Dan Cornell

  2. Please stay safe and know that we ALL think of you every day!! Can't wait for you to be back at work!! Pray for the weather to straighten up!
    Take care, Jeni & Therese