Everest Summit 2002

Monday, May 3, 2010

Base Camp

Weather predictions have proven to be inaccurate- this holds true even on Everest. While some teams remain at BC waiting for a promised weather window, others continue to gain altitude- taking advantage of nature's good moments. Julio is expecting to leave tomorrow or the day after. He is hoping the weather will cooperate if they wait another day.
Maoists are causing havoc in Kathmandu and all over Nepal demanding that the Prime Minister quit. Because of the strikes, the office Julio calls for phone services is closed. Obviously the mountain alone is not the only challenge. Fortunately, I was able to buy minutes off the Internet so Julio may call home and stay in touch. With more minutes available, I am hoping he will call tonight and give us some details.


  1. Sounds like a logistical struggle, especially when something unpredictable like the weather is involved. Continuing to think about you Julio and keeping you in my prayers. As for the joke of the day....Three guys ascending Mount Everest, tired and beat, make it up to the top. There, they meet a genie who grants them 1 wish each. He said: 'Run down the slope as fast as you can and name the animal you would like to be for an easy descent.' The first goes running and yells 'FALCON' and safely meets the bottom. The second runs and yells 'EAGLE!' and meets the ground safely. The third runs but on the way down, trips and yells 'CRAP!' Take care...and see ya soon.

  2. Keep the faith! The weather and the politics with hopefully both calm, and then cooperate with a successful assent. Hang in there! Dan Harbin

  3. Julio, Happy cinco de mayo. Que pasa? Pretend your Yak milk is tequilla!! Fidel says... "hey!" Hope the weather holds steady and calm for your final days of your journey! We're all watching the blog and look forward to the updates. Hola from Wayne, Kerri, Sherri, Deb K., and Lisa H.!