Everest Summit 2002

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summit Push

Julio sent a spot check. He said he will try to send one as he arrives safely to each camp. This means they spent the night at the North Col (Camp 1). They should have moved to camp 2 last night. If that is the case I will receive a notification sometime tonight.

A climber from Mexico (sorry I did not get a name) will be moving up with them. By now everyone knows he is climbing with Lhakpa Gelu but he also wants me to let everyone know he is climbing with Lopsang and Fur Nuru. Lopsang is helping with the logistics of the climb while Fur Nuru is the cook. They are all strong climbers, wonderful people, and great friends. “In our team we are all on equal footing; we respect and appreciate each other, we all have a voice.” Julio

Julio's SPOT
GPS location Date/Time:05/14/2010 21:20:33 CDT

Click the link to see where I am located.

Message:Hi, how is everybody? Things are going very well here on Everest. Julio

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  1. Angeles de la Montaña, estamos preparados para recibir la ayuda que necesitan todos los -climbers- que estan subiendo el Monte Everest, especialmente protección para Julio y su equipo,dale animo y fuerza para restaurar sus energías y condúcelos hacia un final feliz si así Dios lo permite -A la Cima de la Montaña.