Everest Summit 2002

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camp 2

Julio made it to Camp 2 (24,750 feet). From Camp 1 to Camp 2 the climbing was brutal. The journey took six hours. They had hurricane like winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour all the way up. He had to use oxygen at the end of the climb but was able to take it off and sleep without oxygen last night. He mentioned that his blood oxygen saturation was at 60% in the morning. Saturation of oxygen in blood is an indicator of risk of mountain sickness. He was happy with his results.

Julio's SPOT
GPS location Date/Time:05/15/2010 23:54:09 CDT

Click this link to see where I am located.

Message:Hi, how is everybody? Things are going very well here on Everest. Julio


  1. Wow! And I was thinking that I was getting pretty high at 7,000 feet! Very impressive! You rock!

    Have a great time and be safe.


  2. I'm watching every step of the way! Good going! Keep healthy and safe!

  3. Your entire family is praying for you round the clock Juli. Safe journey and Godspeed.
    Brenda & Toti :)

  4. Juli,

    Los Bird-Muñoz te deseamos todo el éxito. ¡Que llegues a la cima y que regreses bien!

    Keep us posted.

    Alfre, Fran, Isabella, Brenda y Freddy

  5. Juli:

    Estamos contigo todo el tiempo en nuestros pensamientos y en nuestras oraciones. Que Dios los bendiga, los cuide y los proteja a todos los que estan en Everest. Te ves muy guapo en el retrato. Mucho amor de tus padres.

  6. Si, Juli. Te ves impresionantemente guapo en la foto que puso Maribel. Cuidate mucho.

  7. Cada vez estas más cerca de la meta. Tu sueño se está haciendo realidad. Esperamos que el clima y las condiciones sean propicias para que logres nuevamente realizar la gran hazaña. Que Dios te bendiga y este contigo y tus compañeros en lo que resta de la jornada.

    Elba, Angel y John

  8. Anxiously awaiting to hear a new update. May every motivational thought in your head keep you going. Sorry, no time for a joke today. As always be safe!

  9. Keeping an eye on you daily. Be safe up there. God speed!