Everest Summit 2002

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summit Update

Julio is now resting at ABC. They are waiting for the yaks to get up there to pick up their stuff. Lhakpa Gelu, Lopsang, and Julio are actually celebrities at ABC. They were the first to get to the summit from the North side this year. Julio was the first Westerner to reach the top. He is looking forward to return to BC and eventually home. Hopefully he will have time to read your comments from Kathmandu and write some of the details of the summit day.



  1. Maribel, thanks for your great updates! Julio, many congratulations, and am looking forward to your stories and pictures.

    Larry M

  2. Happy to hear he's safe at ABC. Well done, Julio! All of your hard work paid off. I am also looking forward to hearing about your incredible climb.

  3. Great job Dr. Bird, we are so happy for you! Congrats on a successful climb! We can't wait for you to be back at work!! Take care and get plenty of rest!! We knew you could do it!!
    Jeni & Therese

  4. Julio, Well done. I can't imagine what you went thru to complete you goal. I am not, however, surprised. Sounds like alot of politics and positioning. Rest up. Linda made it to Cambodia. Between the two of you I'm sure I will hear many stories. Wayne

  5. Congratulation Julio! Safe travels back home to your family/friends...

    Thanks for looking out for my brother up there!

    Greg Fisher

  6. You made us proud... once more!!
    Muchos saludos desde Mobile, Al

    Myrna,Juan y Julian

  7. Maribel, thanks for taking the time to write this blog. Your updates were both informative and much appreciated. Well done....

  8. Lo dicho, enhorabuena por ser el segundo boricua en llegar arriba. Muchas felicidades, me alegro que todo te haya salido genial.

    Por cierto, sigo pensando que el primer boricua que subio tenia menos arrugas.

    Un abrazote muy fuerte

  9. Maribel - Thank you for keeping us posted at GL. We are so proud of Julio for the summit, but, for his thoughts to Ants and his family during his own challenges, his 60th birthday celebration in a place far away, and his advice to to his climbing partner (Bill) for doing the right thing at the right time. Administration at GL has been following both of their blogs and we wish Bill well. He accomplished so much and more , but, in our eyes, he did the right thing at the right time. He's a hero to us, just as Julio! We hope to meet him some day.

    Deb Rislow

  10. Julio, way to go buddy! Now get down safely and get back home. We are all very proud of you for making the big push....and doing it safely. Not bad for a sexygenarian. Jim Baumgaertner