Everest Summit 2002

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Turbulent Weather

Julio called from ABC. They have had winds as high as 70 miles per hour. The jet stream is moving right above them and it is brutal. They have been checking out their tent at the North Col with binoculars and it is still standing. They are happy about it since not very many are. They still have to set up a tent at Camp 2 but the winds are not letting them move from ABC.

While we were talking the tent was buffeted by strong winds, and Julio had to call for help. Even the cook was bracing the tent. One could hear the winds punishing the tent, voices, and all kind of racket going on. I was worried and waited on the phone until he was able to talk again. He said their outhouse tent was torn in half and needed repairs. Other tents had been blown away.

Julio mentioned the Spaniards are still at BC and so are Jordan’s team and the Brazilians. They all have sophisticated and reliable weather forecast available to them. The fact these teams are still at BC means the weather will continue to be treacherous for a few more days. In the meantime the Sherpas are getting discouraged and look forward to go home sometime soon.

I read some of your posts to Julio and he was appreciative of your prayers, your jokes, and your positive thoughts. He needs all the help he can get. Keep them coming.


  1. Happy belated birthday! I was on call this weekend and didn't get around to checking your site on Sunday. Sounds like some serious winds going on up there. Hopefully your outhouse tent gets repaired so you don't have to expose your bare bottom to the frosty air. :) Joke of the day: There were 12 people climbing Mount Everest. 11 were blondes, 1 a brunette. At one point, they had to use a rope. Half way up the rope (about 100 ft. high), the rope started tearing. They decided one person needed to jump off and sacrifice themself in order for them all to survive. The brunette gave a long, heart-warming speech of how she was going to sacrifice herself for the others. Everyone started crying. Once she was through, all the blondes clapped loudly....hahaha. I apologize to all blondes out there. As always, take care of yourself!

  2. Hanging there guy. Hope the winds subside so you can advance. Looking forward to your safe return and a journey to the Bodega for a few stories and two-carbon fragmented beverages. Dan has started his trip and has not lost his enthusiasm. Of course it's only day two. Think of you daily and praying for a safe return. Happy belated birthday! Gene

  3. I'm a 60 yr old lady who plays bridge and watches TV, but I love the mountains. I was lucky to meet Julio at the BKK airport about 6 weeks ago, in late March. I was making my first trip to Nepal - just to be able to see Everest with my very own eyes. My goal was to reach Namche - and I did! After just those very few days of climbing, I now have a much greater appreciation for what these climbers face. I cannot image the difficulties these guys are facing now. Yikes! All my best wishes to Julio -- I'm thinking about you -- and I completely understand, now, why you do this. Everest is spectacular!

  4. I am at a strikingly lower altitude than you are now, here in the Mojave Desert. Best wishes from us lowlanders, Julio! I do hope that the weather becomes more cooperative for you. Be safe and be careful! Dan Harbin