Everest Summit 2002

Thursday, May 6, 2010

North Col

Julio called today from Camp 1 a.k.a. the North Col. Due to the avalanche, the route had been changed and Julio found it more difficult. He was coughing a lot again. It continues to snow, which makes it harder to move. But they reached their goal for today. They plan to spend the night at Camp 1 and move back tomorrow. Julio and Lhakpa Gelu were celebrating the fact that several Sherpas had reached the summit from the South side.
I was able to talk to Lhakpa Gelu and wish him well. I mentioned his celebrity status and he laughed. He was all business, though, when it comes to the expedition- very positive. He reassured me that they are cautious and that everything is going according to plan. I was impressed his English had improved so much since a year ago when I talked to him last. Like Julio always says, “Sherpas are outstanding people."

From Julio:
Julio's SPOT
GPS location Date/Time:05/06/2010 04:24:26 CDT

Click here to see where I am located.

Message: Hi, how is everybody? Thanks for your messages. Things are going very well here on Everest. Julio

This is a message Julio sent today from the North Col. Tingri, Rikaze, and Tibet refer to the surrounding locations, and they will be part of the message even if it is sent from the summit. The spot mark is where they have their new tent- according to Julio.


  1. Good morning (or evening to you!). The GPS map looks like you are very close now. It also looks too cold!! It's suppose to be 52 today in La Crosse... and that's too cold! Stay warm, stay safe and have a happy birthday on Sunday. We are all thinking of you here at the Clinic. Lisa

  2. Good to hear things are going well despite the snow. Joke of the day: What do you get if you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?....Nothing because you can't cross a vector with a scalar. HaHaHa...Take care.

  3. Hi Julio,

    My name is Ian Malinow, the Features Editor of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun, the only daily English newspaper on the island. In 2002, I interviewed you for an article published in The San Juan Star after you became the first and only Puerto Rican to climb Mt. Everest. I'm interested in writing an other piece on your present Everest summit push....

    Good luck, and hope there's a break in the weather so you can summit Chomolungma once again..

    Ian Malinow

  4. Dr. Bird... I can see you on the mountain! :) Thanks for the GPS location... that is an incredible piece of technology we use. Keep treking along... Be safe! Hey - I hear you have a birthday on Sunday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Tell everyone 'hi'! Take Care! That's All For Now.... Elizabeth N. P.S.- did you know that Dr. Harbin will be riding (bicycling) across America..? Good Luck to you both!

  5. Hola Julio

    Debe ser fascinante volver a encontrarte con este nuevo reto. Otra experiencia de vida con la naturaleza, con la Creación, con el Creador. Tu Santo Angel te acompañe. Felicidades!

    Cesar y Carmencita